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working for the Dance House Helsinki

My blog and website haven’t been actively updated recently. This is mainly to do with the fact that I’m currently working full time as the arts programme manager for the Dance House Helsinki. On our website you can see what I’m involved in as part of that job – which is a lot! This autumn we have begun a mentorship sceem for Finnish dance professionals with seven fantastic mentors and produced the first national dance forum Kiertoliike 2015 in Helsinki in November. We are in the final phase of the initiative to get a dance house built in Helsinki and hopefully we’ll be able to inform about the final descision by the end of this year. So to keep up with the Dance House Helsinki news, check the homepage and our Facebook page.

So for now, I’m on leave from ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and I’m not producing new artistic works. I will be performing a little bit (news will follow!) and I’m pursueing my PhD but really concentrating on the Dance House Helsinki which is the most exciting cultural political initiative in Finland – that’s what I think anyway.

So this website will be updated every now and then but follow the other pages as well to keep up with my activities!

Bests, Johanna