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Love in the air

My friends Anniina and Tatu got married yesterday in a moving ceremony followed by a fantastic party. It was so wonderful to be one of the guests, hear the beautiful speeches celebrating the lovely couple, see great performances of music, dance, singing and poetry performed by their family members and friends. Everything went well, the food was delicious and I had a great time. Although I do not personally understand the urge to get married, I’m very very happy for Anniina and Tatu about their love, relationship and the wish to share it with all of us. So THANK YOU.

My daughter lent me a pair of earrings for the occasion.

I was wearing my new pink Minna Parikka Women are dangerous animals boots and was surprised I didn’t have to change into anything lower during the whole night. They are high but surprisingly comfy to wear (and even dance in!).

I bought them on sale (-50%) in Minna’s online store where for example now the gorgeous Corona handbag in pink is also on sale. I saw that at least Nelliina and MouMou have purchased that bag which I also desire but I went for the shoes… this time.

This week I’ve had a place in the CityPörssi second hand shop and went to take it down today. Before I’ve been really satisfied with the sales but not this time… Well, I did sell something but not nearly as much as the last time.

Yesterday I drove my daughter to Chrystal Cup in Mikkeli, an international ice-skating competition. Woke up before 5am and left Kuopio at 5.50am… the weather was ok but I was so tired and it was really boring to drive there and back on the same day.

On the way back, we stopped in Unnukka, in the Iittala outlet store and bought a couple of the very thin Kartio glasses designed by Kaj Franck. They are divine, thin, hand-made glasses to celebrate 1oo anniversary of the birth of Franck. By the way, for Iittala members they now have -20% until the 15th of Jan!!!!

Tomorrow I’m back working full time after the Christmas break – meetings, appointments, dentist, a day in Jyväskylä – a busy week ahead.


busy autumn days

Days and weeks just fly past as I’m so busy with the upcoming ANTI Festival, planning my new production, training and just the normal daily life. I caught again some kind of virus and have a flue which is really annoying. It’s not very bad at the moment and I went to quite hard functional training on Friday and Nordic walking today. I also have a Kinesis training today. I hope the flue doesn’t get worse. I was planning to have a dinner with Rosie Dennis tonight but Rosie, who arrived in Kuopio yesterday, had also woken up with a sore throat so we decided to dine another day. But I’m really looking forward to meeting Rosie tomorrow! It’s more than a year ago since I last saw her.

Yesterday I quickly popped into town to see if the local Marimekko shop had this skirt.

Those of you who have seen my Acts of Clothing performance know that I have mixed feelings about Marimekko but there are usually one or two items in their collections that I like. And the Marimekko shops in Kuopio NEVER have them. I don’t understand who makes the choices what they buy in and on what basis! So I already knew yesterday that they won’t have the skirt or that it would be very unlikely that they would, but just to be a pain in the ass, I went and asked anyway. And of course the answer was no. So not much reasons to visit the shops…

On Thursday I finally got my green coat from the dressmaker where it was fixed. It’s a coat I’ve bought in Stavanger, Norway, some years ago but it never really suited me. It was too long and the buttons were strange and one of them came off etc. So as I was feeling fed up with my worn out black coat, I suddenly remembered that maybe something could be done to the green coat to make it wearable. So it was shortened, buttons were changed and more buttons added. And now I love it! I will take a picture of it soon and post it here. The green is rather intense and I’m sure some people will hate it. But I’m really into it. In fact, I bought a pair of Wolford’s green tights to match the coat. And I’m sure it will look great with the United Nude Fold shoes that Gregg in bringing me from London. I can hardly wait!

Oh, last week I was again asked to become a candidate for the parliament election but I said no. I’m honored to be considered a candidate but it’s really not on my agenda, maybe some day, but not now.

Anyway, another crazily busy week ahead but so exciting. It’s almost ANTI time with an amazing selection of international artists and w wonderful conference and seminar programme. I’m sooooo much looking forward to it all.

Hope to see you all around.


interior design

I’ve dreamed about the Kartell Bourgie lamp for years and finally bought it today. Actually, I was out looking for an armchair – something I’ve searched for a while now but haven’t found the right one. Either they don’t please me aesthetically, they cost a fortune or the ones that would fit into our house don’t provide the comfort and functions I would like. So I bought the Bourgie, which I absolutely love and which I think suits our bedroom perfectly. Or what do you think?

A few weeks ago I bought the Luhta Home bedcover and pillow cases which I think suit very well the Cole & Son Malabar wallpaper.