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I’m one of the founders of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio, Finland) and work as the artistic director – senior producer of ANTI. Between 2014 -2016 I worked as the first Arts Programme Manager of Dance House Helsinki but returned to direct ANTI Festival and our new Creative Europe project Future DiverCities in July 2016.
I’m an artist, curator and researcher working in the fields of performance, dance, live and contemporary art. I have created numerous performances and site-specific projects in various sites, theatre and gallery spaces since 1997. In my works, I have a strong focus on interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from various backgrounds and my work often investigates audience relationships and participation.
I have worked in the fields of art and culture as a choreographer, curator, programmer, performer, writer, journalist and regional artist. I graduated from European Dance Development Center in Arhem, the Netherlands, in 1997, and have worked as a freelance artist since 2004. In 2006, I was awarded the State Prize for the Arts. I hold an MA in Cultural Policy and I’m currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
In my latest works, I have been exploring possibilities of creating concepts that are by nature transforming, bound to time and place and enable me to create situations in which I can consider concepts of time, place, physicality, momentarity and the everyday. The passing of time and the commonplace mutation of the body are central elements in my work.
I have created numerous works which have been performed at the most recognized Finnish contemporary performance and dance festivals and i.e. in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.
At the moment I’m participating in a collaborative artistic research project with Australian artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, focus on my work at ANTI Festival and my PhD research on curatorial practices of new genre public art.


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