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Today I was positively surprised to find myself on the cover of the Finnish Dance Magazine (Tanssi-lehti). Inside the magazine was a review of my work HUIPPUSUORITUS – OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Pyhäjärvi and it was very positive and a bit flattering. That’s always nice. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to go and get your copy of the Tanssi magazine. I might translate some bits into English but these days are so filled with writing grant applications and preparing for Acts of Clothing rehearsals next week that it might take a while.
The only ‘problem’ with the great cover & review in the Tanssi magazine was that the cover photograph was not credited correctly. For about the last 9 years, all photographs of my works have been taken and created in collaboration with photographer Pekka Mäkinen and it’s really really a shame and a big mistake that the front image (which is just amazing) is credited to someone else than him.
The image -by Pekka Mäkinen- is this one, of course:


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