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thoughts of the ‘in transit’ day

I’m sitting on a bed in a hotelroom in Pilsen, Czech Republic.
I’ve taken a very early airport taxi, flown to Prague via Amsterdam, taken a bus to Pilsen, tried to work on an article on a flight from Amsterdam to Prague which was rather difficult as the flight is very short, walked 16932 steps which is about 11.2km and watched five dance performances at Spring Forward. In the mids of all this, in a strange headspace when you are in transit almost all day and then arrive somewhere you haven’t been before, I had a couple of very clear thoughts:
1. Wearing a bra is a always a good idea. In fact, one should always wear a bra.
2. Always carry nuts in your handbag. Always.
3. Do what you love. It does matter how we spend our lives.


Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog. As you can see there is not much around here right now. However, this will change in the weeks and months to come. So, come back soon and often to read all about me and my work.