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Melbourne days 6-10



My time here seems to fly!

The last days I’ve spent working in the studio, reading about cities by Nigel Thrift, on work emails, seeing performances at the Next Wave Festival (saw Fluvial and Kids killing kids on Saturday which were both great), meeting up with some friends, artists and organizers and wandering about in the city and in Fitzroy… It’s quite inspiring to be on my own!

I’m aware that my aspirations for this month are ambitious – too high. But I’m trying to make most of it! Working on my new project, my PhD, letting myself to be inspired and excited about works I see, artists and curators I meet…

Melbourne city with its famous Lanes is buzzing but quite relaxed. Melbournians are famous of their hospitality – and they deserve to be! I’ve had only one very rude encounter at the Next Wave Festival club Shebeen where a waitress treated me like I was the most irrelevant person on earth. Well, it was a busy Saturday night and I’m not a young trendy hipster but still… I don’t particularly feel that I want to spend my money there – since my order wasn’t really much of an importance to that particular waitress.

Some pics of the famous Lanes:
P1080153 P1080154 P1080156I don’t really understand what’s going on with the horses on Swinston St.?
A Saturday afternoon walk from South Melbourne to the Queen Victoria Market:


Had a great coffee at the Market Lane Coffee:
P1080167 P1080164 P1080169Popped into Uniqlo, one my favourite shops! They’ve just recently opened the first shop in Australia and it’s in Melbourne! So it’s pretty packed and busy… I love their ultra light down jackets, I have a few… But I spotted some Finnish design there as well! Horray Tove Jansson and the Moomins! Horray Paola Suhonen and Ivana Helsinki!
P1080170 P1080171 P1080173 Melbourne offers a great variety of amazing food… Here some Vietnamese steamed dumplings.
P1080176Another morning run in Albert Park: 
IMG_0957My home street! P1080184All Australian made! Leggings by Zoya. A treat for myself from Smith St., Fitzroy. IMG_0965Tomorrow I’m off to Healesville for a day trip. Have to get some sleep now!


Melbourne day 5

Yes, good day of reading and research! Non-representational theory – very inspiring.

Since Melbourne is a city of great cafes and coffee, I googled for the best cafe in the neighborhood. The best recommendations by far were for St Ali on Yarra Pl so I that’s were I headed for a coffee. I wasn’t hungry so I just had a cappucino with a double shot of espresso and it was really smooth. I really liked the warehouse style of the place and probably will return for a breakfast or brunch one day. Anyway, really nice vibe, good looking trendy customers and great coffee!

Today was also a day of shoe repairs. Last night I was wearing Minna Parikka Cuniculus and realised at some point that I had lost a rubber sole of the other heel. So I had to find a shoe repair which was ok as I had brought a pair of shoes that needed rubber soles put on the leather sole anyway. So I got them both fixed today for 67 AUD which I think it’s a bit pricy but hopefully the quality is good. So my Minna Parikka Aurora pair got a rubber sole today, too!

After I picked up my shoes from the repairs, I popped into Melbournestyle, a beautiful shop on Clarendon St. which I also discovered online. The shop was absolutely beautiful with exhibition space upstairs and Lex from the staff was really generous and friendly. They had a great selection of books, accessories and jewelry, bags, scarfs, cards, cups and the like. I also spotted Marimekko and Iittala brands there. What a delightful visit! And since it’s…well mother’s day soon, I got myself a little present.

The evening I spent studying non-representational theory and sipping some Swords Pinot Grigio.



In 2012 I enjoyed immensely my return to the position of a choreographer in MAP OF SCARS. Directing a piece in which I don’t perform myself was a fantastic experience and I had a great team to work with. So thank you Sannamaria, Tuovi, Pirjo, Ainu, Tatu, Pekka and everyone who was part of that process.
Photo by Pekka Mäkinen.

I also really enjoyed creating Follow me with Rebecca French but was sad how little visibility the audio walk received. In Finland it still seems very difficult to create works outside the mainstream artistic forms and to get media’s or people’s interest to participate in works that are not in the ‘safe’ environment or form. As a contemporary artist, I think this is very sad and depressing.

Although it is sometimes difficult, I still feel that there’s a need and interest for my work and to improve the production processes and overall working conditions, I set up an organization called Live Umbrella with Pekka and Maija. I’ve postponed that for several years but now it’s the time to really give it a try!

I made several work trips in 2012. To Vienna, Gloucestershire, Montreal, Uppsala, Stockholm, Helsinki, Kajaani, London, Brussels…all the trips were really inspirational. The most exciting adventure was however to Montreal and I was so happy to visit the Les Escales Improbables Festival and meet many new collegues there. And my morning run to the Parc Mount Royal was unforgettable! The best teaching experience I’ve ever had was in Brussels at Cifas Summer University.

I had an unforgettable summer holiday with my children in London in the summer. We had such a great time and it was a much needed break for me. Thanks for our wonderful hosts Rebecca, Andrew & VP!!!!!

Although studying can and has been at times really hard and tiring, it has mostly been a true inspiration. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know new amazing academics, thinkers, theorists and fellow students as well to deepen my own understanding and knowledge in the fields of cultural policy and art theory.

I saw some touching performances. 100% London by Rimini Protokoll, For Those Who Have Time by Maija Hirvanen and In Human Disguise by Eeva Muilu and Milja Sarkola made me cry.

Photo Pekka Mäkinen.

ANTI 2012 was a fantastic festival. It was a kind of a dream come true to have Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Heather Cassils, Kris Grey, Alejandra Herrera and Jukka Huitila in one festival – not to dismiss any artist at the great festival! Up To Nature project was also a great experience and I was very happy to collaborate with Thomas, Helen, Jon and Gregg on it. It was fantastic that Vilja joined the ANTI production team!

Photo Pekka Mäkinen.

During 2012 I still got a lot of happiness in my daily life from the shoes of Minna Parikka, exercising at Functional Team (now Element Studios), hanging out with friends, good Riesling wines and of course my family. I’ve had some health problems which have annoyingly effected my metabolism so somehow the year has not been a great improvement physically but more mentally and theoretically. And that has been great and more than welcome.

Looking forward to the challenges of 2013!

Happy New Year!