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Melbourne day 2

An early morning run/walk to St. Kilda. 11 km.
Strength training at the studio.
Alexander technique and stretching.
Music and a short improvisation.
Smoked salmon and feta salad.
Facetime with my son.
Fireplace lit.
Non-representational theory.
A sleeping pill.

After a rather restless and sleepless night I went for an early morning walk/run/jog around Albert Park and St. Kilda. It was windy and raining on and off but I really enjoyed it. I was carrying my camera, iPhone and keys.


Thoughts for the week

I will be working all week in Kuopio. I’m doing EU admin and stuff like that, so during the day time pretty much sitting in the office. Being in Kuopio allows a good exercise rhythm at the Element Studio (today indoor cycling and dynamic stretching) which is great. I will be doing some more indoor cycling this week, as well as cross training, Kinesis and kettle bell. I passed today the newly opened restaurant Urban and I think I have to go and have lunch there this week. It wasn’t open as I walked by early in the morning but it surely looked great. It’s definitely the only restaurant in Kuopio with Eames DSW chairs with wooden legs! Hey, it’s about time…

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about space, place, urban planning and cities (for example Massey and Lehtovuori). It’s so inspiring and exciting. I still have to complete a chapter of Massey’s For Space and then read some articles for my next essay. I recently received support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for my upcoming work and all this reading is very important for that piece, too. I also need to get going with the process of the upcoming work but it’s always such a big step for me to start pinning down ideas… I rather leave things open and undecided as long as possible – but that’s not so great always.

The spring is approaching quickly and days are filled with more light and sun. The week before last I cycled to work a few times but now we again have more snow and it’s again colder. But I’m so much looking forward to the ice free roads, runs and cycling to work!

My spring looks very busy and challenging. Lots of work, several trips abroad and a lot to read and write. But I’m really looking forward to my trips to Oslo, Dublin, Brussels, Chicago and New York. Of course exercise is going to be a great challenge because of the traveling. For me it’s really difficult to maintain a balanced work out routine when I’m traveling and away for home a lot. I wonder if it’s ever going to get any easier… Probably just more difficult! But oh how much I’m looking forward to the Marcolini chocolates in Brussels! And what to do and get from New York? I’m so happy to be revisiting Chicago and New York – it’s almost embarrassing.

My adopted sister Maija is currently in Australia. Earlier this year I found out about the Chanel CC cream but unfortunately, it’s not available in Europe or North America – at least not yet. But Maija flew via Singapore and I asked her to check out if the CC cream would be available there… So yesterday she texted me saying that she’s got the CC cream for me! Isn’t it weird how excited one can get about make up and cosmetics..? I bought the Armani Maestro make up fluid from Berlin earlier this year (with Maija) but I haven’t been 100% happy with that product… Maybe the Chanel CC cream is the solution, especially for the summer…

Are you a fan of the HBO series Girls? I’m going to watch a few episodes now.

Happy belated international women’s day!


feeling free

Aargh, been traveling and away from home a lot and haven’t had time for regular work outs. So my run yesterday was pure bliss, followed by kettle bell work out! The sun was shining and my new Nike free trainers were excellent. Check out the Liikkeelle event in Argoshalli in Stockmann where there are a lots of running gears presented until the 15th of April. And the Nike free trainers are on sale!

I’ll post something about the trip to Lyon & Paris later but I brought home these gorgeous French mustards… Very tasty with some chevre and rye bread!


happy New Year everybody!

I spent the New Year’s eve peacefully visiting my parents and grandparents in Hailuoto.

Now I’m happy to be back home, catching up with my own work, reading, writing and exercising this week. Just what I like. And this week my daughter has a ice-skating competition and my friends are getting married so I’m really looking forward to it all.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, the sale started today in Minna Parikka’s online shop. Pretty amazing shoes and bags -30% and  -50%…I’ve already check out from the shop…

Have a great week!


reading, writing, thinking, reflecting

Uuuh, I’ve been reading books and articles related to my studies all day. I have no idea how I’m going to pass all the exams, write articles and research plans related not only to my studies but also my work. Well, one thing at a time but I do feel a bit helpless at the moment. But I am excited like a little child about everything! It’s such a privilege to be able to study, develop my thinking and challenge myself and my thoughts. I love it.

And I’m so exited about my upcoming working period in London and a performance in Amsterdam! My weeks are extremely full but it’s so exciting to be giving talks, performing, writing, working on a new project and of course studying that I’m positive that I will somehow survive the upcoming intense months. We’ll see.

Today I finally managed to squeeze in a Zumba class at the Functional Studios and a bike ride there and back. Oh it was so good and soooo needed.

I’m so happy about my new sister Maija being part of my chosen family. At least one person to remember my birthday! Well, at this age birthdays are not very important events and it takes at least five minutes to calculate my age, but it’s still nice if someone remembers it. Well, my dad called me in the evening and I did get a card from my grandparents so I can’t complain. To treat myself, I bought a limited edition bottle of Codorníu Gran Plus Ultra and it’s amazing! If you can get hold of any, get as many bottles as you can – if you love cava as much as I do! What a treat. It’s a great wine.

Yesterday I went to town with my daughter and I had to go and try this I’m your queen dress on which a saw a couple of days ago. And when I put it on, there was no way I could leave it in the shop. It fitted just perfectly for me and I know I will wear it a lot. So since no-one else is treating me, I have to do it myself (sounds a bit perv but you know what I mean…)! Anyway, Nanso’s autumn collection is very nice so go and have a look at their collection. The best collection is of course in Helsinki in their shop on Mikonkatu but Kuopio’s Sokos has a surprisingly good selection at the moment. It’s about time…

I also saw two dance performances yesterday which made me really happy somehow. It was great to see my old time collaborator Jukka Ristolainen to perform and I’ve been enjoying getting to know Terhi Kuokkanen more as a performer, too. She is young, but gorgeous.

Hope you’ll have a great week!





a typical Sunday?

A bit confusing day. It started off very well, the weather was great – a really beautiful bright autumn day. I had a chance to read the newspaper sort of in peace, went for a longer walk with the dog and then for a short run. And I felt great! Because of ANTI, last week was just insane and I didn’t have a chance to exercise properly – I only cycled to work a few times but walked around the city a lot during the festival. Then on Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat and didn’t want to make it worse by exercising too much. On Thursday I had a small surgery, and wasn’t allowed to exercise for a couple of days. So today it just felt great to be able to run although my pulse was rather high. Hope I don’t feel worse tomorrow.

For the rest of the day I guess I had a bit too ambitious goals of what I would get done. Had to comment an article, write a short piece, read, work on my schedules for the autumn etc etc. I did get a lot done but not enough. I felt especially bad for not getting to read as much as I wanted – I found it really hard to concentrate.

But I kind of made the ANTI 2012 programme and sent it off to Gregg to comment. Felt a bit manic really. I also made some notes about the meaning of ANTI as some people have written rather stupid and also totally incorrect things about the festival to the local daily newspaper. So we need to comment on and correct those. I also tracked down a date when one photo was taken related to the accusations in the writings.

So anyway, I feel a bit muddy. I’ve been also working on my upcoming performance and have had some exciting thoughts about how to structure and shape the work. So yes, there have been good things and moments but also I’m very aware that I need to do so much more. Oh well. Well well well.


Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Kuopio…

Today I gave a talk about A Space for Live Art and UP TO NATURE EU funded projects in Joensuu. My talk was part of the Taiteen, kulttuurin ja luovien alojen rahoituspäivä, translating roughly ‘funding of arts, culture and creative industries’. Sounds terrible but it was quite inspiring actually. Riikka Leskinen from Cimo talked about the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013 and then I gave practical information about our projects, how we got involved in them and what is the everyday like managing the projects. It was also great to see Mari Karikoski from the Arts council of Finland and Hanna Susitaival from the regional arts council of Pohjois-Karjala.

Now I’m on my way back to Kuopio, proofreading (for the hundredth time) the upcoming ANTIVERSARY book. But it should go to print today! Hurray. Ahhh, the ANTI Festival is coming up veeerrryyyyyy soon and I’m beginning to feel the excitement…

This week I’ve been already in Jyväskylä so it’s been a rather challenging week in terms of exercising. I’ve had rehearsals of Acts of Clothing as I’m performing it soon in Jyväskylä, had a Pilates class and yesterday Zumba. Tomorrow I’m back to studio with Acts of… and will have functional training sessions both on Friday and Saturday. And on most days I’ve cycled to work. So should be a pretty good week, enough aerobic and strength training.

Last week I got a -20% reduction coupon for Sokos’s beauty week and I’m now wondering if this would be the time to get the new Lancome eyeshadow… I really like the Doll Eyes Baby Pop….hmmm.

What do you think?




I don’t know if you remember that I bought a new bike in the spring. I’m slowly getting gears in order to be able to do longer cycling exercises and to be able to cycle in different weather conditions. The Ortlieb back panniers have been great and very useful. Yesterday I bought these padded undies (amazing pink padding!) by Craft (on sale) which hopefully will help me to do longer rides. I also found Yoko wind stopper jacket on sale and just had to buy that -remembering the rather chilly rides in the winter and early spring. I still don’t have cycling shoes, I guess that’s the next thing I need.

My financial situation is a bit fucked up at the moment so yesterday I reserved a table at a local flea market where I will sell clothes, magazines and some cookware in August. I will let you know when my stall is up! I’m also planning to sell some clothes and shoes at – will post a link when the stuff is available. There will be some Minna Parikka shoes, Lustwear clothes etc. Good stuff!

It’s a pretty hot day in Kuopio and I guess I’m heading off to the beach for a swim now…


a week of sports

Today I did a longer aerobic workout and went for a Nordic walk for about 95 mins. I took it very easy as I’ve been exercising a lot this week (about 10 hours including Zumba, functional training, Kinesis, cycling and Nordic Walking) and my body feels a bit tired. But I wanted to do one longer aerobic exercise so this afternoon was a good moment to do that. It was surprisingly warm and it was ok to just have a t-shirt on as I walked the Jynkänvuoren pururata twice. As I was Nordic walking and listening to music, I was thinking why I feel so tired. This week my body has physically felt tired because of rather hard exercise but I’ve also felt tired in relation to my work. Strange as this hasn’t been the busiest time ever. But I guess I have a few processes going on which always take more energy than expected. Two new works that I’m planning and working on, the ANTI Festival programme and our upcoming book…

I’m so excited about being invited to perform Acts of Clothing in the autumn in few festivals. I was so happy to get a phone call last week from one artistic director and to be invited to a festival I’ve never performed before. Great! And of course we have a show of Twirling World in June at the Paikallisliike event as part of the Kuopio Dance Festival.

Oh well, now it’s time for the ice hockey world championship final!